Life as I've known it Well to start off, I love to go out and do things; Im my happiest when Im out blaring music, going to concerts, dancing (I suck ;D), raving, doing anything spontaneous ; I I have ADHD, and thats why I love going out and doing a ton of random shit XD I like to party I love to smoke<3 (dont like it? fuck off) I love music! starting up a band soon. I play guitar, piano, and flute fuck yes :). I take lessons and all of them and teach flute and piano to younger kids Ive been to 30+ concerts I stopped counting how many ive been to. my favorites are hardstyle and any kinda rock :) I love web designing. I have my ears at 6s just because I riped them :/ the goal is the size of cigarette. I hate it when people can't spell right, use correct punctuation dont talk to me. I love video games, lets play on live sometime<3 I attend Skyview High School its over populated as simple as that XD WELL, if youd like to know more hit me up with a message :D! MUCH LOVE kayla :)
Anonymous said:
oh FUCK.. did someone post your pics on tumblrafterhours(.)com

hmmm? lmao wtf

plur-babycakes112 said:
I Love you (:

I love you tooo booo :)! I want to hang out but I dont know how to get ahold of you hun :/

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